Corporate Social Responsibility


Environmental protection policy

Social responsibility policy

In the field of waste treatment and renewable resources, provide comprehensive and safe solutions, use advanced chemical technology, and improve the treatment of 1 million tons of hazardous waste from domestic enterprises, and convert them into usable renewable resources, so that industrial development and environmental protection can be steadily paralleled , Ji Ding Technology has rich development experience and technology research and development capabilities, from air pollution prevention to industrial wastewater recycling, providing professional waste treatment services, including the recycling of nearly 30% of copper-containing sludge in the country, and stabilizing heavy metal sludge Chemical treatment, reducing environmental pollution hazards, and recycling valuable metals, such as copper, aluminum, nickel, etc., we look forward to becoming a zero-waste practitioner, making sustainable development possible, and technology is improving With continuous innovation and progress, the industry also needs better ways to protect the environment and develop together.
As an organization that provides global professional services, we can contribute more to public policies, businesses, and society everywhere. We value the dignity and value of human beings, and enhance our abilities by incorporating diverse cultures; we abide by the highest ethical standards and promote relevant education and culture; we also advocate the sustainable use of natural resources and respect the environment.


Social participation

We create a personal development plan based on each employee's career development needs. We also provide a wealth of educational resources, including complete online learning courses, knowledge bases and language training subsidies. And actively promote work-life balance programs, create a good working environment, and improve the quality of life of colleagues.